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Your Support Helps Nature

and the Wetlands Ecosystem in Florida

Renew Florida is a non-profit focused on restoring the

wetlands and saving the Everglades


More than 100 years ago, a group of people decided to drain the Everglades to create dry land that could grow crops. This plan and more bigger plans in the years that followed drained even more of our wetlands.

Now we are all paying a terrible price for this colossal mistake.

In our rivers, lakes, Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, all manner of fish, manatees, porpoises, birds, sea turtles, seagrass, coral reefs and everything in our waters is sick and frequently dying. We are running out of clean fresh water. The water that is coming down the Kissimmee River basin is horribly polluted and hundreds of millions of gallons are dumped into the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.



There are many reasons we have not been able to turn these problems around but one of the biggest problems has been a lack of funding. Our for-profit sister corporation, La Florida Development Group, will build Regenerative Communities where we purchase critical lands and build these communities on a small portion of the properties. We aim to place 90% of the land in a permanent conservation easement where Renew Florida will manage and eliminate the excess of phosphate, nitrogen and other harmful substances from entering the watershed.


Renew Florida is then responsible for deploying a proprietary technology to cleanup the most polluted lakes in Florida, with our mission to restore the wetlands and allow a healthy flow of water in the Everglades.



Your financial support helps us to remove sludge, eutrophication, red tide, cyanobacteria and toxic blue-green algae from the most polluted lakes in Florida. Your help is more critical than ever before. Our ultimate goal is to restore and protect the endangered sealife, fauna and flora in the Everglades.

Thank you for helping us guarantee a healthy future and a healthy ecosystem in Florida.

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